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The Illinois Coal Association is the professional trade organization responsible for the promotion of Illinois coal, a natural resource found in great abundance in Illinois. To carry out its mission, the Springfield-based Association represents the coal industry in the state in governmental affairs, in public relations and in related matters. Through the Association, companies producing coal in Illinois deal with issues affecting their interests with a single unified voice.

The Association is a not-for-profit corporation - incorporated under Illinois law in 1878 - that operates under policies set by the organization's Board of Directors, comprised of executives of the coal mining firms operating in the state.  Each year, a new Chairman is selected to help direct the ICA and its Board.  2017's Board Chairman is Paul Krivokuca, Sr. Vice President of Mining, Prairie State Generating Company.  

Day-to-day operations of the Association are directed by a full-time president, Phillip M. Gonet, whose duties include the coordination of relations between the Illinois coal mining industry and the various state agencies regulating the industry or interacting with it in some other way.  Phil has been President of the ICA since 2004.